The Challenges of Capital Asset Planning Decisions

Capital investment decisions present some of the biggest challenges in strategic planning. Complicated by too many stakeholders with different motives and too many moving pieces and constraints, organizations are often forced to shoot from the hip in building investment plans. Decision Lens Capital Assets makes it easier and more repeatable to build prioritized Capital portfolios and optimized, performance-based implementation plans.

Find Better Insights with Analytics and Visualizations

  • Combine quantitative AND qualitative inputs within one model.
  • Visualize ROI trade-offs across the portfolio
  • Run multiple portfolio projects at varying budget levels and with multiple funding pools

Blueprints Accelerate and Streamline the Process

  • Accelerator Templates for your organization
  • Decision Blueprints® are Best Practices from Dozens of Customers
  • Focus on the “hard stuff” with the easy stuff out of the way

New Capital Planning-specific Features Added Regularly

  • New Visual Analytics to give depth and color to your analysis
  • Enhanced visibility and granularity in your planning via levels of participant groups and alternative categories
  • Greater control and collaboration to customize to your unique situation

Create a Simple, Repeatable, Transparent Capital Investment Plan

Avoid recreating your Capital Planning process year-after-year – Establish an on-going, repeatable process using Decision Lens Capital Assets. Remove the common concern of “Where did this come from and who was involved?”

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